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Social and Affordable Housing

Social and Affordable Housing

Our ask

  • State-wide planning reforms and incentives for affordable and social housing 
  • Investment in all types of affordable housing from crisis accommodation to affordable home ownership 
  • Utilising surplus State land for affordable housing  
  • Improving thermal performance and energy efficiency of existing social and affordable housing.  
  • Establish specialised outreach homelessness services to support people across the municipality and break the cycle of homelessness.

Community benefits

  • Improved affordable and social housing for communities in need, including essential workers 
  • Break the cycle of homelessness 
  • Reduce number of young people sleeping rough 
  • Improve and increase participation in employment, education and healthcare 
  • Strengthen connections to support systems

For more information, please refer to page 40-43 of our Prospectus here.

Click here for an Accessible version of our Prospectus.