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Liveable Whittlesea

Liveable Whittlesea

Affordable housing, healthy communities and access to local jobs and education are all critical factors to the liveability of our municipality.

Everyone, no matter their postcode, should be able to access the essential infrastructure and services needed to live a full and happy life.

Our rapidly expanding population and limited services and infrastructure mean our communities are becoming unliveable. Many of our residents are financially stressed and 69% of human services report being unable to meet demand in the City of Whittlesea.

People living in Interface areas like the City of Whittlesea deserve fair policies that bring essential services and infrastructure locally to enable our communities to thrive. Interface communities need an immediate annual injection of $250 million to provide the essential health and human services we all need to be healthy and well.

Hand in hand with health and human services we need social and affordable housing and access to local jobs to enable our communities to live locally and prosper.

What are we asking for?

We are seeking full support of the Interface Liveability Policy, which highlights important changes that will bring essential services, infrastructure, affordable housing and local jobs to Melbourne's outer suburbs.

We are seeking commitments for 3 local projects:

  1. Homes for all - An innovative housing development which will deliver social and affordable housing in Plenty Valley Activity Centre.
  2. Development of Mernda health and wellbeing hub to provide essential community services and local jobs in the heart of Mernda Town Centre.
  3. Build Edgars Creek Primary School in the first term of government.