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Public transport


A train line to Wollert

Our community urgently needs a train line to Wollert.  Many residents currently face a two-hour one way commute to work, missing out on important social and family time. 

A train line extension is essential within the next seven years as the population is expected to rapidly grow from 28,000 people living in Epping North and 147 living in Wollert in 2017 to approximately 55,000 in Epping North and 40,000 in Wollert by 2041.  


Commitments sought:

  • COMMITMENT 1: Acquire the final 14 per cent of land required for the designated Wollert train corridor by undertaking and applying a public acquisition overlay.
  • COMMITMENT 2:  Prioritise the Wollert public transport feasibility study, which is an action of the Victorian Infrastructure Plan (2017); with the inclusion of train capacity through Clifton Hill.
  • COMMITMENT 3: Bring forward the planning and analysis for Melbourne Metro 2, incorporating train capacity through Clifton Hill to coincide with the construction of Metro 1.
  • COMMITMENT 4: Provide a 10 minute premium bus service as the interim public transport service to Wollert, ensuring it does not delay development of a train service.

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Ten minute premium bus service

The introduction of a 10 minute premium bus service from Lalor railway station to Craigieburn Town Centre via Wollert will improve the daily lives of 6,300 local residents in the proposed bus catchment in Epping North.

Importantly it will give users frequent access to the Mernda train service and easy access to employment and essential services in the Epping Central Activity Centre.

Tram route 86 extension

Tram Route 86 (T86) runs along Plenty Road and ends at McKimmies Road, near RMIT in Bundoora. Our residents have long called for the tram route to be extended to the Plenty Valley Town Centre and beyond.

A feasibility study on the extension of Tram Route 86 is currently being considered by the State Government. This study should be publicly released so this important project can be progressed.

You can help: