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The 2018/19 Victorian State Budget funds upgrades and duplications to three of our priority roads, which will significantly improve congestion and liveability for local residents:

These upgrades will make it safer and easier to travel around local communities and will greatly improve daily work commutes.

There are a number of further roads in need of upgrade and duplication to improve the liveability of our local communities:

  • Craigieburn Road East, between the Hume Freeway to Epping Road, Epping
  • Donnybrook Road, between the Hume Freeway to Epping Road, Donnybrook
  • Edgars Road, between Taryn Drive to O'Herns Road, Epping
  • Findon Road, between Epping Road to Plenty Road, South Morang/Epping 
  • Bridge Inn Road, between Yan Yean Road and Wellington Street
  • Epping Road, between Craigieburn Road East and Bridge Inn Road.

Duplication of Bridge Inn Road from 2 to 4 lanes between Plenty Road and Yan Yean Road

  • The previously funded Stage 2 of the Yan Yean Road upgrade will be delivered as part of the package, widening Yan Yean Road from two to four lanes between Kurrak Road and Bridge Inn Road, Doreen
  • As part of the project, the roundabout at the existing intersection of Bridge Inn Road and Yan Yean Road will be replaced with traffic lights
  • A new bridge will be built over Plenty River, and new cycling and pedestrian paths will be installed along Bridge Inn Road and Yan Yean Road.

Duplication of Childs Road in Mill Park from Beaumont Crescent to Prince of Wales Avenue

  • The project will include a new bridge over Darebin Creek
  • Traffic lights to replace the existing roundabout at the Bowman Drive Intersection. 

Duplication of Epping Road from two to four lanes between Craigieburn Road East and Memorial Avenue

  • New safety barriers will be installed along Epping Road
  • Traffic lights will be installed at intersections including Craigieburn Road East and Harvest Home Road
  • The project will include a new shared path for cyclists and pedestrians.

Construction of E6 freeway

Community consultation has shown overwhelming support for the construction of the E6 as a freeway, as opposed to an arterial road.

This position was endorsed by Council in April 2018.

The E6 would extend from the Western Ring Road to meet the future Outer Metropolitan Ring Road at the Hume Freeway, and run through the suburbs of Thomastown, Mill Park, Epping, Wollert, Woodstock, Donnybrook and Beveridge.

The current plan for delivery of the E6 is within 15-30 years. We are working with the State and Federal governments to advocate to bring this forward.