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Gambling Harm Minimisation

Sports betting

Sports gambling is the fastest growing form of gambling in Australia. Advertising is becoming increasingly pervasive and is particularly harmful to children. Advertising normalises the link between gambling and sport. This is a growing public health problem and must be a priority for the Federal Government. Strict regulation of advertising is as necessary for gambling as it was for tobacco.

Pokies Reform

For a long time, the City of Whittlesea has been working hard to minimise the devastating harm that poker machine gambling has on our community, especially disadvantaged communities. We are a lead partner of the Alliance for Gambling Reform and support the Pokies Play You campaign.

Add your name to The Pokies Play You campaign.

If you or someone you know is experiencing gambling harm, confidential, professional free advice and support is available 24/7 get the support that’s right for you:

Call: 1800 858 858

Visit: Gambler's Help