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CEO and Executive Leadership Team

Our organisation structure is based on 4 Directorates that collectively manage and coordinate the full range of activities and services to the City of Whittlesea community.

Each Directorate is led by a Director who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Our Executive Leadership Team includes the:

  • CEO
  • 4 Directors

Executive Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer - Simon Overland

Simon started his current position as Chief Executive Officer at the City of Whittlesea on 21 August 2017.   He has extensive experience in executive management, leadership and community service roles.  Simon has achievement and success in leading large and complex government organisations.  He was secretary of the Department of Justice in Tasmania for five years from 2012 to 2017, and former chief commissioner of Victoria Police from March 2009 to mid-2011.

After serving 19 years in the Australian Federal Police, Simon was appointed assistant commissioner (crime) with Victoria Police in 2003. He is credited with a prominent role in bringing an end to the Melbourne gangland murders and associated crime in Victoria.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Administration and Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies from the University of Canberra and a Bachelor of Laws with first class honours from the Australian National University. He has demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice throughout his career.

Director Community Services - Russell Hopkins

Russell Hopkins, Director Community Services

Our Community Services Directorate oversees many service areas that impact the day-to-day living and wellbeing of City of Whittlesea residents.

The Directorate works collaboratively with the State and Federal Government to provide many of these services, and operates in partnership with a variety of community service organisations to meet the needs of our diverse and vibrant community.

Director City Transport and Presentation - Helen Sui

Helen Sui, Director Corporate Services


Our City Transport and Presentation Directorate provides a diverse range of infrastructure services to the community.

With the high level of growth within the municipality and an increasing number of residents, there is a need to be responsive to community needs.

Some of the Directorate’s key functions include managing parks and open spaces, road, road-related and footpath construction and maintenance, building maintenance, engineering services, traffic management, road safety and sustainability planning.

Director Corporate Services - Amy Montalti

 Amy Montalti

Our Corporate Services Directorate ensures that Council has the funds available to provide safe, useful and sustainable assets and services to our community.

This directorate monitors, manages, researches, reports and provides advice to Council on all financial and organisational matters and ensures good governance.

It directs and assists the organisation to achieve its goals by providing accurate data and introducing efficiencies and enhancements that best utilise Council’s resources. 

Director Partnerships, Planning and Engagement


The work of the Partnerships, Planning and Engagement Directorate is critical in taking the voice of all Whittlesea residents to Members of Federal and State Parliament and Senior Government Officers.

It also ensures our residents, businesses, government authorities, strategic partners and staff are informed about important Council events, services, programs and initiatives.

Another important role is to manage both Strategic Planning & Design and Development Assessment processes.