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Environmental education for local schools

We offer support to local schools to help educate students about the environment and to minimise their waste.

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For more information about any of our education programs call our Environmental Education Officer on 9217 2170.

We can help schools to:

  • divert greater amounts of waste from the school waste stream using the reduce, reuse, recycle principles
  • educate students and staff about waste minimisation at school and at home
  • access information and provide advice on environmental education programs

Recycling education program

We offer free in-house recycling education sessions to local schools. The sessions run for approximately 45 minutes and include a presentation about:

  • which materials can and cannot be recycled through the kerbside collection service
  • how recyclables are sorted at a materials recovery facility

The education sessions also include a fun recycling relay activity and question time. Participating schools can access our fortnightly kerbside recycling service free of charge.

Composting and worm farming education program

We offer free in-house composting and worm farming education sessions to local schools. The sessions run for approximately 45 minutes and include a presentation about:

  • composting - what it is, its environmental benefits, and what materials can and cannot be composted
  • worm farming - what it is, its environmental benefits, what food scraps worms will and won't eat, as well as some interesting worm facts

ResourceSmart Schools Program

The ResourceSmart Schools Program aims to provide support to schools and the local community to learn to live and work more sustainably by minimising waste, saving energy and water, promoting biodiversity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The ResourceSmart Schools Program:

  • fits into existing curriculum
  • improves environmental responsibility
  • increases participation and pride in the school environment
  • links with the local community
  • is supported by a statewide network of educators
  • will save your school money through reduced disposal costs
  • creates worthwhile learning opportunities for students

For more information visit the ResourceSmart website.

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