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Kelynack Recreation Reserve Draft Master Plan

We are preparing a Master Plan for Kelynack Recreation Reserve which will guide short and long term improvements to the reserve. A draft master plan has been developed and we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.

What's in the draft plan?

After consulting with the community in June we have come up with a list of recommendations for the reserve:

North western reserve entry:

  • Enhance linkage between Plenty Parkland Primary School and the reserve
  • Establish a more welcoming entrance by providing signage, feature paving, seating and landscaping
  • Improve visibility into the reserve by thinning out overgrown understorey vegetation.

Playspace and picnic area:

  • Relocate the existing playspace close to Blossom Park Drive
  • Increase playground size to attract greater diversity in play and provide a new sheltered picnic area with accessible picnic setting, accessible barbecue, drink fountain and litter bin
  • Existing fitness station to be relocated next to the playspace.

Spectator space:

  • Retain existing grassed embankment function as spectator area and a place for children to play.

Secondary picnic area:

  • Provide secondary picnic facilities located in close proximity to the sports pavilion, reserve entrance and car park.

 Multi-play area:

  • New multi-play court with a basketball linemarking and ring, ping pong table and seating area.

 Expand the carpark:

  • Upgrade the carpark to include additional car spaces by utilising vacant land to the south of the car park.

 Sports pavilion:

  • Existing pavilion to be replaced with a new multi-purposed pavilion and a covered spectator area with public toilets.

 Sports oval:

  • Upgrade existing sports lighting to 100LUX LED
  • Incorporate new ball protection fencing within the oval fence line at southern end of the oval.

 Cricket nets:

  • Retain existing cricket nets and provide additional tree planting behind the nets to provide shade.

 Neighbouring property boundary:

  • Plant additional trees and shrub to provide sufficient buffer for residents.

 Pathway network:

  • Existing granitic sand pathways to be demolished and removed and construct 2.5m wide concrete pathways around the reserve.

 South eastern grassed embankment:

  • Retain existing garden bed and trees and provide additional trees to be planted to strengthen ecological and biodiversity links to surrounding areas.


How can I have my say?

You can provide your feedback on the recommendations by:



Phone: 9401 0587 and have a chat with one of our friendly staff from the Parks and Urban Design department.

If you need assistance in providing feedback contact us on the number above. 


Read the Kelynack Recreation Reserve draft Master Plan.