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Plenty Valley Town Centre Structure Plan (Amendment C204)

Plenty Valley Town Centre Structure Plan (Amendment C204)

Over the last few years we have been working with residents, businesses and the State Government to create a structure plan for the Plenty Valley Town Centre that outlines a vision for the area, and provides a framework for future development over the next 20 years.

Community consultation so far

Stage one

Completed May-June 2014

Key findings:

  • more facilities and services are needed in the Town Centre
  • improvements to public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure is required
  • better public spaces and higher quality public realm is required
  • more activity is needed in the Town Centre
  • the need for an increased sense of community

Stage two

Completed March-April 2016

Key findings:

  • support for the greater provision of public and open space
  • support for the Route 86 tram extension
  • support for greater variety of shops and entertainment
  • concern with respect to increased traffic on local streets
  • concern with respect to the impact and appearance of multi-level buildings

We have incorporated the key findings from each consultation stage into the updated structure plan.

The next stage - Planning Scheme Amendment C204

The Whittlesea Planning Scheme is the overarching framework that guides how land can be used and developed in the City of Whittlesea.

Amendment C204 will incorporated the Plenty Valley Town Centre Structure Plan into the Whittlesea Planning Scheme with the following key changes:

  • Clause 21 - Municipal Strategic Statement
    This is the City of Whittlesea's strategic direction for land use and development across the municipality. It will be amended to include the relevant information from the structure plan.

  • Clause 37.08 - Activity Centre Zone (ACZ)

    The Activity Centre Zone (ACZ) will replace the current commercial zones. It sets out controls for the use and development of land in the Town Centre. Clause 5 in the ACZ schedule divides the Town Centre into 5 precincts and provides specific guidelines for the development of each precinct.

  • Clause 45.06 - Development Contributions Plan Overlay

    The overlay will require developers of land to help fund or contribute to upgrades to roads, footpaths, parks and streetscape improvements.

  • Clause 45.09 - Parking Overlay

    The overlay outlines some additional requirements and guidelines in respect to the provision of parking in the Town Centre.

  • Clause 81.01 - Incorporated Document

    The Structure Plan will become an Incorporated Document to the Whittlesea Planning Scheme meaning it will be required to be considered as part of decision making for future planning applications.

The following existing controls are proposed to be removed from the Whittlesea Planning Scheme as they will be superseded by the new controls:

  • South Morang Local Policy
  • Clause 43.02 - Design and Development Overlay
  • Clause 43.04 - Development Plan Overlays

How you can have your say on Amendment C204

If you would like to make a comment on the proposed changes to Planning Scheme Amendment C204, you can do this in writing via:

  • Email
  • Post to:
    • Chief Executive Officer
      City of Whittlesea
      Locked Bag 1
      Bundoora MDC VIC 3083

Please note: submissions are part of an open public process. If you choose to make a submission you consent to your submission being made public and being identified as the author of the submission.

Exhibition Period

The exhibition period runs from 4 July 2017 to 7 August 2017.

What happens next?

Once the exhibition period is finished, we will consider all submissions received and the issues raised.

If the issues raised cannot be resolved, we can ask an Independent Panel appointed by the State Government to consider submissions.

Submitters will be invited to present at the Panel Hearing.

The Panel will then make recommendations which we will consider and make changes if necessary.

The final approval for the amendment is required from the Minister for Planning.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Amendment C204 required?

The amendment is required to ‘give effect’ to the Structure Plan in the Whittlesea Planning Scheme. The proposed planning controls will ensure that new development with the plan.

How does Amendment C204 affect landowners?

The amendment will amend the controls which guide land use and development in the Plenty Valley Town Centre, although they are similar to the existing controls. The changes will only affect landowners should the wish to change the use of their land or develop their land. Existing uses may continue to operate in accordance with existing use rights and permits.

The Structure Plan and planning controls will provide certainty to landowners and residents regarding what can be built in the Town Centre.

How will Amendment C204 affect property values and rates?

There are numerous reasons why property prices go up and down. However, the application of the new planning and development controls should be beneficial as there will be substantial improvements to the Town Centre over time.

Council rates are based on property valuations (and not planning controls) which are affected by numerous other factors such as the location, size, amenity, building condition, rental return, and general economic conditions.

View the Amendment

You can view the Amendment:

Looking for further information?

If you would like to discuss Amendment C204 in more detail, please contact our Strategic Planning and Design Department to book an appointment: