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Improving safety at Manor House Drive

We're installing traffic lights at the intersection of Manor House Drive and O'Herns Road in Epping.

The installation of traffic lights will be fast-tracked at the intersection of Manor House Drive and O’Herns Road in Epping to improve road safety.

Council will contribute funds towards the construction of the traffic lights, and work with the developer of the nearby industrial sub-division to have them in place by early 2022.

The busy intersection has become a hotspot for traffic accidents, and so the traffic lights will be put in place as soon as possible.

Construction has started on a temporary roundabout to reduce traffic speed and improve traffic flow to reduce the risk of further accidents occurring. Construction is expected to be completed by mid-October.

The upgraded intersection will complement the future O’Herns Road interchange to the Hume Freeway currently underway by the State Government, which was a major advocacy priority for Council to improve access in and around the City of Whittlesea.


Frequently asked questions

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