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Manor House Drive frequently asked questions

Why is Council installing traffic lights at the intersection of Manor House Drive and O’Herns Road?

The busy intersection has become a hotspot for traffic accidents. Our community’s safety is our number one concern and after a number of accidents at this intersection recently, it is important that lights are put in place as soon as possible.


How many accidents have occurred here?

Crash data from local emergency services indicates that there have been 15 accidents (10 causing injury) at this intersection in the last 12 months, not including accidents that go unreported.


When will construction start?

Planning and design work will start immediately. Once finalised, a tender process will be undertaken to appoint a contractor and construction will start soon after.


When will the lights be in operation?

The work is expected to take 12-18 months. We anticipate the lights will be up-and-running by early 2022.


Why does it take so long to install traffic lights?

Installing traffic lights is more than putting in some poles and flicking the switch. Works will also include service relocations, excavation works, pavement and asphalting works, installation of pits, poles and conduits for the street lighting and traffic signals, line marking, commissioning and auditing of power, compliance and signage.


What will Council do to improve safety at this intersection in the meantime?

Council will construct a temporary roundabout at the intersection, to reduce traffic speed and improve traffic flow to reduce the risk of further accidents occurring. Construction is expected to be completed by mid-October.