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Mernda Aquatic and Indoor Sports Centre

The Mernda Sports Hub project is the panning, development, construction and management of indoor and outdoor sport, recreation and leisure facilities proposed for a greenfield site on Plenty Road, Mernda. 


The proposed site is on Plenty Road, Mernda, to the North of Bridge Inn Road.


The site was identified in the Mernda Strategy Plan for the development of various sports, aquatic centre and stadium which then informed the development of the Mernda Regional Recreation Reserve Master Plan. 

Subsequent studies identify the need for a local level facility to be developed on the site and recognise that whilst aquatic / leisure and indoor sports facilities are separate planning projects, cost efficiencies arise when they are delivered concurrently. 

A timeline of planning and feasibility to date includes:

  • 2011: Mernda Strategy Plan and the Mernda Regional Recreation Reserve Master Plan.
  • 2014: Major Leisure and Aquatic Facility Strategy and the Indoor Sports Facility Feasibility Study.
  • 2018: Mernda Aquatic Centre Planning Study.
  • 2019: Whittlesea Netball Basketball Plan.

What's happening

Planning is currently underway to determine which facilities will be included at the Mernda Sports Hub. 

A review of the master plan is being undertaken which will inform provision of outdoor sporting facilities (ovals, change facilities etc.), passive recreation infrastructure (walking paths etc) and general landscaping.  The revised master plan will be complete late in 2020.

Planning is also underway for the construction of the Mernda Aquatic and Indoor Sports Centre (MAISC) which will be located within the Mernda Sports Hub. 

Community consultation was undertaken in 2017 and 2020 to assist in ensuring that MAISC will suitably reflect the various health and wellbeing needs of our diverse community. 

MAISC will include aquatic spaces (pools, water play etc), gym facilities, an indoor stadium and outdoor netball courts.  A business case will be complete late in 2020 detailing the scope of facilities and estimated costs of construction.

There are also many elements that need to occur to prepare the site for construction of the above facilities, including a site clean-up and the extension of Everton Drive to Plenty Road.

How much will it cost

Early estimates indicate that MAISC will cost in excess of $50 million, however the business case will provide a more accurate figure and advice on potential staging of construction.

Major projects such as this are expensive and as a local Council, we have a limited budget for capital works projects and many competing priorities. 

Council will be actively seeking funding opportunities (including grants) and working in partnership with the State Sporting bodies to advocate to State and Federal Governments for funding support.


Now: Site management works to improve the existing site safety are about to begin and will be complete mid-2020. Contractors will be removing debris, old barbed wire fencing and installing new fencing around the perimeter.