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Thomastown Primary School Kindergarten

We're building a new kindergarten in Thomastown to be open in 2021. It will be located at 10 Spring St, Thomastown, at Thomastown Primary School.

What's included

This project will see the construction of a double room kindergarten centre on the school site on the Spring St frontage.

Both four and three-year-old kindergarten programs will be provided.

There is the potential to provide a Maternal and Child Health services in response to demand for the service.

Kindergarten information

You can enrol your child for four-year-old kindergarten through Council’s Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme. Enrolments for the three-year-old kindergarten program will be managed by the kindergarten provider.

Following the expression of interest process Council conducted earlier this year, we have appointed TRY Australia  as the approved provider for the future service at Thomastown Primary School Kindergarten.

Thomastown Primary School Kindergarten is a working title only. A permanent kindergarten name will be chosen at a later date.

Project timelines

  • Construction to begin: October 2019
  • Expected completion: December 2020 ready for operations January 2021

Project cost

  • City of Whittlesea: $4,450,000
  • Department of Education and Training grant: $650,000
  • Total Project Cost: $5,100,000

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