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Wollert Community Hall refurbishment

Wollert Community Hall will be closed for refurbishment until June 2018.

Wollert Community Centre has been identified as one of our facilities that is in need of a refurbishment. We want to improve access to the facility for the whole community, and also upgrade the storage and functional use of the space.

This refurbishment is also being undertaken to address the growing demand for community meeting spaces and to improve the ageing building.


Wollert Hall is located at 525 Epping Road, Wollert.


Construction will begin in November 2017, and expected to be completed by July 2018.

During this time the centre can't be accessed by the public or community groups. All community groups will be relocated to alternative venues by October 2017.

Construction and car parking

Temporary fencing will be erected around the building site while the works are taking place.

The operations of the tennis courts and the CFA will remain unchanged during the works.

For more information

Contact our Project Coordinator, Jillian Bambach on 9217 2170.