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Yale Drive road resurfacing

What’s happening?

We’re partnering with Metro Asphalt, Repurpose It and Sustainability Victoria to upgrade a section of the road on Yale Drive in Epping.

The road's base layer will be made from 97% recycled materials, which includes the use of recycled glass as a sand replacement in the asphalt mix. We’ll be using locally-sourced glass recovered from Council’s kerbside recycling service. The use of recycled glass in this application will be a Victorian first!

To ensure drivers have a smooth driving experience, the top layer of the road will be laid with conventional asphalt.

The Yale Drive ‘recycled road’ is expected to last as long as traditional asphalt and is comparable in cost.

Council will monitor its performance against an adjoining section of road, repaired at the same time using entirely conventional methods.


Project cost

Total project cost is $147,324, including a $55,662 contribution from the Victorian Government, through Sustainability Victoria.



The works will be complete by 30 June 2021.