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2018/19 Budget

2018/19 Budget

In 2018/19 our total budget of $285.6 million includes an operating budget of $196.7 million to deliver more than 100 services and facilities for our rapidly growing municipality.

What's in the Budget for your suburb?


  • Develop and implement a masterplan for Norris Bank Reserve
  • Construct shared path on Plenty Road between McKimmies Drive to Wealthiland Drive
  • Masterplan implementation for Botanica Park


  • Construct 2 soccer pitches and pavilion at Doreen South Reserve
  • Planning and design for upgrade to Laurimar Skate Park


  • Construct Community Activity Centre at Edgars Creek
  • Construct Edgars Road between O'Herns Road and Harvest Home Road
  • Planning for construction of 2 soccer pitches and pavilion at Koukoura Drive
  • Construct pavilion and car park at Harvest Home Road soccer pitches
  • Upgrade pavilion at Duffy Street Reserve


  • Construct 2 soccer pitches and pavilion at Lalor West Reserve
  • Streetscape improvements at High Street shopping precinct
  • Develop and implement masterplan for Whittlesea Public Gardens


  • Planning and feasibility for Mernda Regional Recreation Facility
  • Traffic lights at Bridge Inn Road and Sissinghurst Parade
  • Traffic safety improvements on Mernda Village Drive

Mill Park

  • Redevelop Mill Park Leisure
  • Refurbish Mill Park Library
  • Reconstruct courts at Dr Harry Jenkins Reserve
  • Construction of All Abilities Playspace

South Morang

  • Findon Road extension; Williams Road to Danaher Drive
  • Riverside Community Activity Centre - indented parking bay in Doreen Rogan way
  • Traffic lights at Ferres Boulevard and Findon Road
  • Safety lighting and streetscape improvements on Gorge Road


  • Redevelop pavilion at Main Street Reserve
  • Streetscape improvements at High Street Shopping precinct
  • Design for construction of additional kindergarten room in Thomastown
  • Extension at Spring Street Hall


  • Refurbish building at Whittlesea Swim Centre
  • Portable change rooms at AF Walker Reserve
  • Lighting upgrade at Church Street

Yan Yean

  • Upgrade tennis courts and pavilion at TH Hurrey Reserve
  • Court improvement works at Growling Frog Golf Course
  • Construct shared paths

Budget highlights

  • $4 million - footpaths and cycling paths
  • $4.1 million - public health
  • $4.5 million - arts and culture
  • $4.8 million - libraries
  • $5.2 million - animal management & school crossings
  • $9.1 million - leisure, recreation & community facilities
  • $17.2 million - parks, open space & streetscapes
  • $19.2 million - waste & recycling
  • $20.1 million - roads
  • $25.4 million - family, children, youth & seniors
  • $32.6 million - building maintenance
  • $88.8 million - capital works

Download the budget

View a copy of our 2018/19 budget below.