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Beginning a new cycle for glass

Beginning a new cycle for glass

Monday, October 17, 2022

The City of Whittlesea’s first glass bin collections begin this week, marking the start of Council’s new recycling service.

As part of the Victorian Government’s requirement for a standardised four-bin waste and recycling system for all Councils, the City of Whittlesea is one of the first metropolitan Councils to be rolling out a separate glass recycling bin for residents, helping to divert even more waste from landfill.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said glass was a valuable resource that could be recycled again and again, creating an endless, sustainable loop of glass products.

“Separating glass bottles and jars from other recyclable materials means the quality of the recycling we collect is better, and more can be kept out of landfill,” Ms Wilson said.

“All of the glass collected in the City of Whittlesea as part of this new recycling service will be taken to Visy Recycling where it will be processed and turned into new glass bottles and jars.”

“We’re proud to be one of the first Victorian Councils to be recycling the glass we collect into new glass bottles and jars for Australian food and beverage suppliers to use. Where small fragments can’t be remade into glass bottles, they will be used in road base.”

Whittlesea resident Lisa Hallam and her family have been using their new purple-lidded bin since it was delivered, popping in glass bottles and jars as they empty them.

“Our kids have been learning about the environment and the issues with too much waste, but by helping to separate the waste and recycling, they can become part of the sustainability loop and make a positive impact on the environment,” said Lisa.

Glass recycling bins will be collected once every four weeks, on the same day of the week as resident’s regular bin collection. Information has been sent to all households outlining the day of their first collection, however residents can also download a personalised 12-month bin collection calendar from Council’s website – simply visit and enter your address on the My Neighbourhood feature.

“We know our community is committed to reducing waste and making this simple change to the way we recycle at home will make a big difference,” Ms Wilson said.  

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