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Community Local Law

Community Local Law

Friday, January 20, 2023

The City of Whittlesea is developing new Community Local Law with a local voice, through extensive review and consultation with the community.  By updating our community local laws, it will allow Council to make significant improvements and to make them more suited to our current residents and community.  The purpose and benefit of having a Community Local Law is that it  is reflective of the current climate.  The new Community Local Law will be more readable and streamlined and ensure that it does not duplicate other legislation.

Local laws are designed to secure community safety, protect property and help make your neighbourhood and living in the City of Whittlesea ‘A Place For All’.

Local law covers a range of diverse topics. From unsightly land, fire safety, animals, roadside reserves and footpath trading to planting on nature strips and building sites, helps you understand your rights and responsibilities, and promote awareness and cooperation.

Local Law helps Council to be able to respond to local issues and protect public and private space as well as the community’s health and safety.

The nine priority areas of focus that we’re seeking feedback on are:

  1. Broaden references to ‘smoking’ to include vapes and e-cigarettes
  2. Recreational use of firepits
  3. Naturestrip maintenance requirements
  4. Managing long-term parking and storage of tailers, caravans and boats
  5. Dumping of rubbish
  6. Managing derelict and dilapidated buildings
  7. Dumping of shopping trolleys
  8. Strengthening dog attack laws and
  9. Managing dogs on sporting grounds.

All Councils have a Local Law that is designed to:

  • Protect community safety and neighbourhood property.
  • Protect our natural environment.
  • Improve access and enjoyment of public places for the community’s benefit.
  • Provide accountability and enforcement of incorrect community behaviour to benefit all residents in our community.

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