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Creating a place for all in Thomastown and Lalor

Creating a place for all in Thomastown and Lalor

Friday, April 21, 2023

A new framework that helps guide the future priority projects for Thomastown and Lalor and deliver place-based opportunities for residents was endorsed at the Council Meeting on 18 April. 

The Thomastown and Lalor Place Framework outlines an overall vision for the area and the key projects that will be required to achieve that vision while taking into account the unique qualities of these two suburbs.

As two of our City’s most established suburbs, with a rich history and diverse population, the feedback that was received during three rounds of community consultation has shaped the priorities and focus areas of the framework.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson thanked the community for their feedback and suggestions, with over 500 contributions received over the past two years, and said it was clear the community placed great importance on developing greener spaces and places to connect.

“Thomastown and Lalor are key areas within our municipality, encompassing key transport corridors, local businesses, the Edgars Creek and a strong sense of community amongst its residents,” she said.

“Of the seventeen key opportunities identified in the framework, our community have told us that they want us to focus on making the Edgars Creek corridor a place for all, by creating a ‘green spine’ that will enable people to more easily access the area to enjoy the improved amenity and biodiversity along the creek.”

“Other focus areas include enhancing connections between key destinations, strengthening bus access to town centres and building upon the strong cultural heritage of the area by creating informal spaces and welcoming precincts.”

As part of the development of the Thomastown and Lalor Framework, Council partnered with the Department of Planning and Transport to review Thomastown and Lalor Neighbourhood Activity centres to identify gaps and provide recommendations for priority investments to help deliver accessible, inclusive, vibrant and healthy neighbourhoods.

Key findings, which have been incorporated into the framework, include improving walkability and cycling across Thomastown and Lalor, improved public transport services and frequency and focusing on eight Neighbourhood Activity Centres in Lalor and Thomastown.

 “Thomastown and Lalor are expected to grow by more than 10,000 people by 2041, and this framework will ensure that our long-term planning and delivery of services and infrastructure will continue to meet the needs and demands of its residents, businesses and visitors.”

The framework and opportunities identified will help prioritise Council projects in Thomastown and Lalor into the future, including advocating to the Victorian Government for improved transport services.

View Thomastown - Lalor Place Framework documents here