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Flushed with excitement

Flushed with excitement

Thursday, February 09, 2023

A cutting-edge set of fully automatic self-cleaning public toilets will complement the historical courthouse in Whittlesea.

The ageing toilets, located on the site of the former Whittlesea Courthouse turned Information Centre, no longer met safety, accessibility and design standards.

Now, courtesy of $271,000 from the City of Whittlesea and $200,000 from the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program, the toilets have been demolished and are being rebuilt.

The Whittlesea Courthouse was built in 1864 and holds considerable historical and social importance to the township. As such, the new public toilet amenities have been designed to be respectful to the courthouse’s heritage, while utilising the latest technology to improve safety and hygiene.

The new facility features two unisex cubicles with self-cleaning, automated toilets, as well as washbasins, soap dispensers, hand dryers, sharps bins, baby change tables and electronic doors.

“They’re definitely going to be safer and more comfortable for people in that area to use.” – Lauren Morrone, Wollert

The project also includes new access compliant brick paved pathways and lighting to connect the toilets to the courthouse and street.

Wollert mum Lauren Morrone travels to Whittlesea a couple of times a week with her children Tiano and Viviana for playgroup and said the new and improved public toilet facilities would be a welcome addition.