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Gilbert gives glass recycling a helping hand

Gilbert gives glass recycling a helping hand

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Meet Gilbert the Glass Recycler!

Gilbert is the City of Whittlesea’s latest recycling mascot, joining the campaign to help educate the community about the recently introduced glass recycling service.

Glass recycling collections began across the municipality in mid-October 2022 and almost 340,000 kilograms of glass bottles and jars have already been collected.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said it was wonderful to see the community embrace the new service so quickly.

“We are one of the first metropolitan Councils to have rolled out a separate glass recycling bin for residents and to have collected so much in the first few weeks shows what a great job our community have done to sort and separate their recycling,” Ms Wilson said.

“All of the glass collected is taken to Visy Recycling where it is processed and turned into new glass bottles and jars.”

Ms Wilson also congratulated Merriang Special Development School student Angel who came up with the winning name of Gilbert, after a call out was made to local schools to help name the mascot.

“It was a difficult task picking a name out of the many wonderful suggestions received, but we think Gilbert is a fitting name for our new mascot,” Ms Wilson said.

“Gilbert will join Reggie the Recycler and Connie the Composter as our recycling mascots, and you are sure to see them as we continue to share information about waste and recycling across the City of Whittlesea,” Ms Wilson said.

For more information on glass recycling, or to download a personalised 12-month bin collection calendar, visit