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Local affordable housing for local people

Local affordable housing for local people

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Council made the decision seek expressions of interest for a community housing organisation to lease the land at 1F Ashline St in Wollert for affordable housing, at its meeting on 18 April 2023. 

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said research had shown 3,400 affordable homes were urgently needed in the municipality. 

“We know there is a critical shortage of local homes that are affordable for residents on low incomes and the shortfall is having devastating socio-economic impacts on families and households.”  

“One in five households in our municipality is classified as having a very low income and one in three households who are renting are experiencing housing stress, which is defined as spending 30 per cent or more of household income on rent. 

“This number is continuing to grow as we see more and more local families and households struggling to make ends meet amidst rising costs of living and housing affordability challenges. 

The decision to lease the land at 1F Ashline St in Wollert to a community housing provider for affordable housing was made after extensive community consultation dating back to 2021 which included an online survey, online information session, focus groups and an in-person community drop-in session. 

“During the consultation we heard community concern about issues like safety, amenity and impact on property value. We have considered the feedback from the local community carefully and we have reviewed our approach to ensure we are addressing these concerns whilst still delivering a boost of much-needed local affordable housing. 

“These houses will be quality single detached, duplex and townhouse style homes that use similar design features and finishes to surrounding dwellings. This project will provide homes for specific cohorts of local people including young families, older peoples, women, key workers and people with disabilities. 

“We will also be seeking to add a flexible community space on the site which will be managed by Council and integrate with the adjacent Kirrip Community Centre. We are also adding in a library hub in the foyer at the Kirrip Community Centre which will feature bookshelves, seating, a self-checkout kiosk and returns area with items such as books, DVDs and magazines available in a variety of languages,” she said. 

Ms Wilson said Council had a commitment and obligation to encourage and support the supply of social and affordable housing in the City of Whittlesea. 

“All levels of government including local councils play an important part in facilitating the delivery of high-quality affordable housing developments for households on very low to moderate incomes,” she said.  

“We are confident we can secure a partnership with an experienced community housing organisation to ensure the service and design is complimentary to the local area.” 

Council will write to all participants in the consultation process to advise them of Council’s decision and next steps in the process, including explaining how Council will continue to engage with residents in the further planning and development of the project.  


Local residents will be invited to provide feedback on draft plans and designs once a suitable Community Housing Organisation is selected. 


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