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New regulations for cats start soon

New regulations for cats start soon

Friday, July 14, 2023

From 1 August 2023, new cat regulations will come into effect in the City of Whittlesea. These new regulations will require all cats to be confined to their owner’s property or under effective control when outside.  Additionally, newly registered cats will need to be desexed.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said that over the last year Council has been providing support and advice to assist residents to prepare for the changes which will come into effect shortly.

“We understood the new cat regulations may present some challenges for some cat owners, so we rolled out a 12-month transition plan aimed at supporting and educating cat owners, helping them feel confident in how to best keep their beloved feline companions safely at home,” Lydia said.

“We have information, videos and FAQs available on our website and we have been out and about in the community at local pop-ups and DIY workshops showing residents how to keep their cats at home, safe and sound.”

“The new cat regulations will help manage our growing cat population, while supporting the welfare of cats and local wildlife.”

Marija, a local cat owner, is supportive of the regulations and says her cat Piper is happily enjoying her backyard, while still being contained.

“I am all for keeping cats safe and confined. My cat Piper was adopted from a rescue and had ended up in a shelter in the first place because she got lost.”

“For me, keeping the cat safely on my property is a no-brainer – compared to the vet costs to treat an accident or injury, a cat enclosure is well worth it, and the peace of mind of knowing my cat is safe while still having outdoor access is priceless.”

“Piper is very happy to have the backyard garden to explore and enjoy some fresh air. As Piper is a nomad, she still gets to go for a wander outside – safely on a lead and harness.”

Council will continue to educate pet owners after the new regulations come into place to ensure they are able to comply with requirements. Education will be the priority and fines will only be issued as a last resort.

The City of Whittlesea is committed to working together with the community to create a safer and more harmonious environment for cats, wildlife, and their owners.

For further information on the new regulations and tips on how you can confine your cat to your property visit City of Whittlesea Cat management webpage