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Parks and garden maintenance update

Parks and garden maintenance update

Friday, November 11, 2022

The City of Whittlesea is one of the largest municipalities in metropolitan Melbourne covering an area of approximately 489 square kilometres.

We take tremendous pride in the maintenance of the beautiful parks and gardens that are a feature of our city. With over 2693 acres of grass to mow and more than 2 million square meters of garden beds to maintain, keeping the municipality looking good all year round is no small task.

Like many areas in Melbourne, long grass is prevalent across the municipality at the moment.

City of Whittlesea Director of Infrastructure & Environment Debbie Wood said that whilst the weather has played a part in this and some areas will need to dry out more before machines can be taken in to mow, Council is disappointed with the situation and is actively working with the maintenance contractor to address concerns.

“Council is committed to presenting our stunning parks, reserves and roadsides to the standards our community expects and deserves, and we are just not seeing the performance we need at the moment from our contractors to deliver this.

“There is quite a lot of long grass around and we appreciate people in our community are frustrated and concerned and we are hearing that loud and clear. This is a priority issue for us and I’d like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience as we work closely with our contractor to ensure our open spaces are maintained to standards we can all be proud of.

“We will be posting to our website daily the details of where crews have been and where they are headed next,” she said.

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