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Shaping the future of our Green Wedge

Shaping the future of our Green Wedge

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The wellbeing impacts of green spaces, the environmental significance of natural landscapes, reduced pollution and flood impact and local agricultural jobs are just some of the things you told us you love about the City of Whittlesea’s Green Wedge.

Last year we asked our community to help us shape our new 10-year Green Wedge Management Plan 2023–2033. We asked people what they loved and valued about these areas and how we should work to protect them.

At its meeting on 21 February, Council adopted a new Green Wedge Management Plan 2023-2033.

The plan builds on the 84 actions of the previous 10-year Green Wedge Management Plan 2011-2021.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said the new plan was shaped by extensive community feedback.

“From our community consultation last year, we know these spaces are not just environmentally significant but provide our community with opportunities to enjoy recreation and leisure time,” she said.

“Council is committed to protecting our Green Wedge but also updating our plan to ensure we best represent what our community values.”

More than 60 percent of land in the City of Whittlesea municipality is Green Wedge. Green Wedge includes national parks, forests, reservoirs, significant Aboriginal and European heritage sites and nationally significant plants and animals as well as farms.

In preparing the new Whittlesea Green Wedge Management Plan 2023–2033, more than 550 people participated in a range of engagement activities.  The vision for the new plan responds to what our community told us they value the most:

The Whittlesea Green Wedge will be recognised for its enhanced natural environment and celebrated cultural assets, for providing a productive and diversified local economy and ensuring the wellbeing benefits of this beautiful space are enjoyed by all.

The new plan has also been informed by our Traditional Owners, with a greater focus on our evolving relationship and recognition of the role of living cultural practice.

“Council has considered all feedback and ideas to help us prepare this final plan and we are confident that it captures our community thoughts and wishes in a balanced way,” Ms Wilson said.

The new plan is available for viewing online at