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Time to plan for cat confinement

Time to plan for cat confinement

Monday, February 13, 2023

From August 2023, cats will be required to be confined to their owner’s properties and Council is helping with the transition.

The changes make the rules for cat owners consistent with those for dog owners, however Council understands that keeping an active cat confined is not without its challenges.

“We’ve developed a transition plan that supports cat owners, including educational information, workshops, videos and practical advice on preparing your pet and your property,” said City of Whittlesea CEO Craig Lloyd.

Cat confinement doesn’t mean your cat has to be locked up. Being securely confined to a property

or under effective control when outside could include a harness, cat backpack or pram.

Visit for information, DIY video resources and to sign up for workshops.

When building a cat enclosure, consider the following essentials:

  • Shelter from the weather and sunny spot to sit
  • Sleeping area with a clean, raised bed
  • Exercise area
  • A litter tray away from eating and sleeping areas
  • Good ventilation.

See here for more cat enclosure tips.