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Council Plan 2017-2021 Update

The Council Plan 2017-2021 Update aligns our Council Plan to our community vision, Whittlesea 2040 A place for all.

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For more information about the Council Plan, email or call 9217 2170.

About the Council Plan

Our Council Plan has four goals.

Goal 1: Connected community

Our city opens its arms to every resident and is a place where all walks of life are celebrated and supported.

Goal 2: Liveable neighbourhoods

Our city is well-planned and beautiful and our neighbourhoods and town centres are convenient and vibrant places to live, work and play.

Goal 3: Strong local economy

Our city is the smart choice for innovation, business growth and industry investment.

Goal 4: Sustainable environment

Our city’s superb landscapes and natural environment are an enduring source of pride.


Council Action Plan 2020-2021

The Council Plan includes the Council Action Plan 2020-2021 which sets out our key actions to achieve this vision.

The Council Plan 2017-2021 (Update 2020) including the Council Action Plan 2020-2021 was endorsed alongside the budget at the 7 July 2020 Council meeting.

The newly endorsed Whittlesea Council Plan sets the path towards making the city a place for all.

Strategic Resource Plan

Our Council Plan is supported by a Strategic Resource Plan, which ensures that we have adequate resources available to maintain services at the level established by the Council, and to implement the Council Plan priorities.

We will provide a progress update on the delivery of our Council Plan each year in our Annual Report, and commit to reviewing this Plan on an annual basis to ensure that it remains up-to-date with the needs of the community.

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