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Whittlesea 2040: A place for all

Whittlesea 2040: A place for all is the long-term vision for the City of Whittlesea. It guides all of Council’s work and future partnerships with the community and others.

To find out how more about you can be part of making the vision a reality, email, phone 9217 2170 or TTY 133 677 (ask for 9217 2170).

A place for all

In 2040, compassion is at the heart of our community.

A compassionate community makes sure that everyone feels cared for and supported in a deep and meaningful way. It makes our City increasingly welcoming, whether you’ve just arrived or your family has been here for generations.

What that appeal feels like is different for everyone. It might be having a job you like within easy reach or knowing your neighbour's name. Or maybe something even simpler, like hearing birds in the trees outside your window.

Our community offers a sense of place that includes everyone, where people from all walks of life are valued for who they are and the qualities they bring with them.

Our goals

The four goals below will help achieve the vision. To realise each of these goals, our work will be focused on three key directions.

Goal 1: Connected community

  • A socially cohesive community
  • A healthy and safe community
  • A participating community.

Goal 2: Liveable neighbourhoods

  • Smart, connected transport network
  • Well-designed neighbourhoods and vibrant town centres
  • Housing for diverse needs.

Goal 3: Strong local economy

  • Increased local employment
  • Education opportunities for all
  • Successful, innovative local businesses.

Goal 4: Sustainable environment

  • Valued natural landscapes and biodiversity
  • Climate ready
  • Leaders in clean, sustainable living.

Make it happen

Whittlesea 2040: A place for all will guide all of the work we do here at Council.

To achieve this vision we will:

  • Plan strategically for the future and use evidence to inform decision making
  • Provide opportunities for people to participate in local democracy
  • Form strong partnerships with residents, not-for-profit organisations, businesses and other levels of government
  • Advocate on behalf of our community
  • Support community led initiatives and solutions
  • Promote equity, access and inclusion
  • Focus on prevention, investment and interventions to avoid issues that are impacting our community
  • Take a place-based approach to planning and delivering services that empower people to connect, learn, work and play
  • Be innovative, seek new ways to improve how we work and the outcomes we achieve
  • Adopt new technology to deliver quality customer service experience
  • Monitor our progress.

How we created the vision

Whittlesea 2040: A place for all, builds on the achievements of Shaping Our Future Whittlesea 2030 and provides a new long term vision for the City of Whittlesea.

Over 10 months, we conducted research, workshopped priorities, and spoke with thousands of people as well as community groups and organisations across the municipality.

We undertook research to understand where the City of Whittlesea is at now and the trends that will share the future. As part of this work we prepared a Whittlesea 2040 Background Research Paper and summary Fact sheets.

Over three months we also gathered over 4,700 individual community comments from anyone who lives, works, studies, plays in or visits the City of Whittlesea. A Whittlesea 2040 Community Engagement Summary Report was developed to inform the Whittlesea 2040 vision.

Download the Whittlesea 2040 report and supporting documents