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Late rates payments

Payment Arrangements

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rates by the prescribed due date please enter into a payment arrangement online.

Once you submit your proposed payment arrangement it will be forwarded to the Revenue Department for assessment. You will receive a confirmation of arrangement email/contact within 5 business days or a letter will be sent in the mail according to normal postal timeframes.

All arrangements:

  • will be managed by Council
  • are not eligible for direct debit
  • are not interest free
  • may be cancelled if multiple instalments are not adhered to

Financial Hardship

The Financial Hardship Policy provides relief to residents and businesses in the City of Whittlesea who are unable to meet their payment obligations due to a range of individual circumstances.

Whilst Council is unable to waive rates, we are able to offer various other avenues of support for those experiencing financial hardship, including deferrals, payment plans, waivers of interest and collection costs, referral to other financial assistance programs that might be available, or referral to appropriate support services (family violence and financial hardship).

If you would like further information on eligibility please contact Council on 9217 2170 or visit our Support and emergency relief services webpage.

Interest Charges

Any payment that is not received by the statutory due date or agreed arrangement/extension terms may result in interest being charged to the rates account. The interest rate for the 2022-23 rating period is 10% per annum and is fixed under Section 2 of the 'Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983'.