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Janefield Community Centre

Information about hiring Janefield Community Centre


2 Manchester Crescent, Bundoora

How to book

For bookings or enquiries contact:

P: 9404 8843

Hall inspections

To view the facility please call 9404 8843 to arrange a suitable time.

Booking times

Monday to Sunday 8am-9pm

Facilities available

  • Kitchenette (shared space between all three rooms)
    • Domestic size fridge
    • Microwave
    • Portable urn
  • Hard floor
  • Heating/cooling
  • Tables and chairs
  • Male, female and disabled toilets

Hire fees - valid until December 2020

Bond $500

Main Hall (capacity 60)

                Casual/ Business   $36 per hour

                Community/Business $27 per hour

                Community  $19 per hour

                Seniors        $5.40 per hour

Activity Room (capacity 40)

                Casual/ Business $28 per hour

                Community/Business $21 per hour

                Community $14 per hour

                Seniors $5.40 per hour

Meeting Hall (capacity 10)

                Casual/ Business  $13 per hour

                Community/Business $10 per hour

                Community  $7 per hour

                Seniors $5.40 per hour


Important hire information

  • Hire fees are due and payable within 14 days from the date of your booking request. Payment of fees will confirm your booking.
  • Your booking time frame must also include your set up and pack up time. You will only be allowed to enter the facility during your scheduled time frame. This will be reflected on your access card and with our security monitoring company

Casual hire

  • The hirer must complete an online Credit Card Authorisation via the Facility Coordinator as bond payment to be held in trust. The bond payment will be released back to the hirer after the event if there has been no loss, damage or additional charges incurred.

Regular hire

  • A bond will be held in trust with the City of Whittlesea for the duration of the regular hire period. In the case of regular hire of multiple centres, only one bond payment is required

Helium balloons and decorations

Helium balloons are strictly prohibited in the centre. All property, decorations, catering appliances or fittings belonging to the hirer shall be removed from the centre on the day/evening of the event.

Smoke machines

It is strictly prohibited to have any ice, smoke, haze or fog machine, sparklers or any other apparatus that produces smoke, haze, fog or flames.

Any breach of restrictions may result in associated penalty charges.