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Hands-on Bike Maintenance Workshop

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This 2.5-hour free workshop is an interactive, hands-on bike maintenance experience.
Tuesday, 20 June 2023
47A French Street Lalor 3075 Victoria Australia
City of Whittlesea
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This 2.5-hour free workshop is an interactive, hands-on bike maintenance experience. It includes demonstration and explanation of bicycle maintenance essentials, changing a flat tyre, adjusting brakes, and cleaning and lubing the drive-train; with opportunities for participants to practice on their own bikes.

For age groups 13 and above (teenagers to be accompanied by an adult).

This course is commissioned by the City of Whittlesea, supported by the Whittlesea Bicycle Users Group (BUG) and led by Bike it Better'

Who is this session suitable for?

Anyone interested in learning to maintain and perform basic repairs and safety checks on their bike or their kids' bikes.

Session inclusions:

  • Welcome and introduction.
  • ABCD check: the essential safety check before every ride. Participants practice on own bike.
  • Bike fit: how to set your seat at the correct height, and other adjustment related issues.
  • Inner tube replacement: what to do when you get a flat tyre, what essentials to carry when riding.
  • Brakes: how to adjust brakes, replace worn brake pads, and know when to take it in for repair.
  • Chain replacement: what to do if your chain comes off during a ride.
  • Chain/drive-train clean and re-lube: how to clean and maintain your chain and gears, and when to take it for a service. Chain lube: what type is best, how to correctly use it, and how often.
  • Puncture repair: how to patch a punctured tube (better for the environment). Opportunity for participants to repair own punctured tube(s) along with instructor.
  • General maintenance demonstration and parts identification.
  • Finishing with an open time allocation for participants to work on own bike, ask questions, and get assistance and advice regarding maintenance issues.

What should I bring?

Optional: you may bring your own bike to conduct maintenance checks and obtain assistance in resolving any basic maintenance issues identified.

If bringing your own bike, please ensure your bike is clean (in particular the wheels), to avoid making a mess in our indoor venue.

Our instructors will have tool kits with them which you may use during the session, however, feel free to bring your own tools to use on your own bike, or obtain assistance in learning how to use them. Please note that any shared tools will need to be wiped with disinfectant after each use.

What if the weather isn’t great?

The event is indoors, so weather is not an issue.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket?

You don't need to bring your ticket on the day. We will have a list of registered participants.

Note re COVID Safety

Stay at home if unwell or if you are a contact of someone who has been unwell and who is being tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

All attendees must comply with the current Victorian Government COVID restrictions.

Hands-on Bike Maintenance Workshop

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