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Walking Thomastown

Event details

Explore Thomastown transformed after dark in our free night walking event.
From Friday, 23 April 2021 to
Saturday, 24 April 2021
Bubup Wilam Aboriginal Childcare centre, 76 Main Street, Thomastown
City of Whittlesea's Festival and Events Coordinators
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Explore the historic Thomastown area from Aboriginal dreaming and productive land use through early European settlement into current day culture and hopes for the future.

Walking Thomastown is a night-time walking event which spans 2.5km of paths from Main St to German Lane and back. Enjoy a variety of lights, projections, sculptures and illuminations along the way as well as audio commentary from Wurundjeri elders to local school children.

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Event information

Walking Thomastown is a COVIDSafe event. Groups or individuals will start the walk at measured intervals from each other and guides around the route will maintain the safe separation of groups.

Being an extended walking event, attendees should wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the prevailing conditions.

To access the audio portions of the event you will need a smartphone and earphones so that you can scan QR codes and listen to linked sound tracks.

Bring a torch in case you need to see your steps here and there.

Warm drinks will be available for purchase at the start of the trail and also at the end. Convenient parking is outside TRAC or the Thomastown library.

Walking Thomastown

Walking Thomastown

Bubup Wilam Aboriginal Childcare centre, 76 Main Street, Thomastown

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