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Waterview Recreation Reserve Master Plan

The new 9 hectare Waterview Recreation Reserve in Mernda is now open, with 2 sporting ovals available for use by local schools, sporting clubs and community groups.

It has become the home of the Mernda Football and Netball Club, Mernda Cricket Club and Northcrest Calisthenics, and includes:

  • 2 ovals including ball catching fences and coaches’ boxes
  • sports lighting
  • access roads
  • fencing

Future pavilion and other sports facilities

Construction will soon begin on the following extra facilities:

  • a community pavilion, which will include modern change rooms
  • a multi-purpose indoor area to cater for community activities and meetings such as calisthenics classes and parents groups

Other features to come in future years include:

  • sports practice nets for cricket, netball and football training needs
  • scoreboards
  • landscaping and pathways

Other features

The developers of the abutting housing estates have provided much of the additional infrastructure for the site including:

  • shared and pedestrian pathways
  • a playground
  • picnic facility
  • tree and shrub planting

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