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Plenty Valley Structure Plan

We are currently developing a structure plan for Plenty Valley Town Centre that will provide a framework for planning, development and investment decisions over the next 20 years.


Our vision for Plenty Valley Town Centre:

“Plenty Valley Town Centre will have a unique civic and cultural identity supporting a vibrant mix of uses and activities.

It will be well connected, accessible via a range of transport options and have an attractive public realm with strong links to the natural landscape.”

The Plenty Valley Town Centre contains a number of important business, retail, community and transport activities including Westfield Plenty Valley and the South Morang Train Station.

The area is considered an important Activity Centre by the State Government.

Large areas of undeveloped land within the centre provide developmental potential, how it’s important that we have a framework to guide development in the area.

Key elements of the structure plan

Over the last few years we have worked with a range of stakeholders to develop a draft plan that outlines a vision for the area.

Highlights from the plan include:

  • Additional public and community spaces
  • Preserve views to the Quarry Hills
  • Transport hub providing for train, bus and future tram interchange
  • Extension of Tram Route 86
  • Improving pedestrian connectivity
  • Additional local jobs
  • Improved landscaping on main roads
  • Built form controls for higher density development
  • Improving local road connections
  • Additional entertainment and retail spaces
  • Addressing concerns on local roads with traffic calming and intersection treatments
  • Additional housing close to public transport, shops and services

Local road connections

We completed some consultation in early 2018 in respect to proposed local road connections - Peyton Drive and Stillman Drive, to the extension of Civic Drive.

You can find out more about the outcomes of this consultation in the report below.

Some key findings were:

  • 58% of participants supported the connection of Stillman Drive being restricted to pedestrian and cycle only.
  • Divided opinion in respect to connection of Peyton Drive between full turn access (46%) and pedestrian and cycle connection (48%).
  • Participants who resided closer to the proposed connections were more likely to prefer pedestrian and cycle connection option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Plenty Valley Town Centre Structure Plan?

The Structure Plan provides a coordinated plan to guide the development and investment in the Plenty Valley Town Centre for the next 20 years. The plan identifies the strategies and actions to be implemented to realise the vision for an attractive, accessible and vibrant Town Centre.

How will new development respond to existing residential areas?

New development located next to existing residential properties will need to comply with building and setback controls that will protect the amenity of existing residents. New development will be required to be setback from property boundaries and ensure that they do not have unreasonable overlooking or overshadowing impacts.

What impact will new development have on local roads?

New development in parts of the Town Centre will require some new roads to be built. This will provide the opportunity to improve connectivity for local residents.

The proposed street network has been designed to improve connectivity for residents while discouraging non local traffic from using local roads. Measures like intersection design and traffic calming measures will be used to protect the amenity of local residents.

How will the car parking be addressed?

The proposed planning scheme controls will provide additional requirements and guidelines in respect to car parking for new private developments.

The new controls identify the need for commuter parking neat the South Morang Train Station, which is the responsibility of Public Transport Victoria (PTV).

When will development occur and new infrastructure be delivered?

The Structure Plan has been prepared based on a 20 plus year horizon. New development will be constructed by private landowners and developers over time when demand arises.

Infrastructure items in the Structure Plan will be delivered over time. Some will be delivered as part of Council’s capital works program, however most will be delivered as a requirement of new developments.

Larger items such as the Tram Route 86 extension and arterial roads will be reliant on State Government funding.

Car parking in Plenty Valley Town Centre

We have also developed a Draft Parking Precinct Plan for Plenty Valley Town Centre, which details the planned provision of car parking within the town centre.

View the Plenty Valley Town Centre Structure Plan

Amendment C204

We're currently proposing an amendment to the Planning Scheme that will enable the Plenty Valley Town Centre Structure Plan to be implemented.

  • Amendment C204 was placed on public exhibition between June to August in 2017
  • A Panel Hearing for the amendment was held in June 2018
  • Council adopted the amendment at a Council Meeting on Tuesday 4 September 208
  • The amendment has now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

You can download a copy of the panel report below.

For more information and to see a copy of Amendment C204 visit the  Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.