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Planning services & online forms

On this page you will find the different planning services you can apply for.


Apply for a planning permit

Planning Permit applications are submitted online. If you would like further guidance on how to submit an application or to check if you require a permit, please see ‘Do I need a permit page’ or Planning permit process.

Some planning permit applications may qualify to be fast-tracked if it complies with specific criteria. To see if your application qualifies, please see Fast Tracked Permits.

Application for a Planning Permit

If you are a registered user* (have a username and password providing by our Planning Department), please log in after you have clicked the above link to apply for a planning permit.

*If you submit a number of applications and would like to be set up as a registered user, please contact our Building and Planning Department on 9217 2259 or email

Request planning pre-application advice

Planning pre-application advice is a service aimed at providing potential applicants with the opportunity to receive initial guidance and direction on a proposal. You must submit supporting documentation and note that any advice given is based on a preliminary assessment only. Once you lodge a request, a planning officer will contact you directly to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your proposal.

Your supporting documents can include but are not limited to the following:

* Copy of your Title (no older than 90 days from today's date)

* Sketch or concept plan of the proposal

* A written submission on the proposed use and/or development

* Scaled and dimensioned plans or a sketch or concept plan of the proposal

If you are unable to provide supporting documentation and are after general planning advice you can request to speak with a planning officer at our Building and Planning counter or ask for general advice over the phone on 9217 2259.

Please note this service is currently provided free of charge, however, if you are after written advice you will need to submit a Planning Property Information Request.


Request written advice and information (planning property information)

We can provide written planning advice and information through a ‘planning property information request’. This provides you with written information and advice about the planning controls on a property, and when a planning permit is required.

Apply for an extension of time to an existing permit

You can apply to extend time to an existing planning permit:

  • before the planning permit expires
  • within 6 months to allow commencement of the planning permit
  • within 12 months to allow completion of the development.

Request a secondary consent to an existing planning permit

Secondary consent allows for minor modifications to endorsed plans only, and can be requested by the owner or occupier of the property.

Apply for a planning permit amendment (Section 72 Amendment)

A Section 72 Amendment will be required for major changes to the endorsed plans, permit conditions or the permit preamble. This generally follows the same process as a new planning permit application.

Application to Amend or End a Section 173 Agreement (Request for ‘in principle’ support)

What is a Section 173 Agreement?  

A Section 173 Agreement is a legal agreement made between Council and another party or parties under Section 173 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  It is registered on the certificate of title for a property.  

A landowner is usually the other party to the Agreement, while in some cases a third party, such as a referral authority, may also be involved.  

An agreement provides for continuous restrictions or on-going requirements on the use or development of the land.  

Ending and Amending an Agreement 

You can apply to Whittlesea City Council to amend or end a Section 173 Agreement.  

The process for amending or ending a Section 173 Agreement has four stages. 

Stage 1 

First you will need to apply to Council to seek ‘in principle’ support to end or amend the Agreement.  This is done through via planning property information request through Council’s website here.

You must complete this application form and pay a fee of $145 via the website. 


Stage 2 

If Council agrees ‘in principle’ to the proposal to end or amend the Agreement, a formal request needs to be submitted to Council with a fee of $659.00.  You must complete this application form below and email to  

Council will then need to notify all parties to the Agreement and anyone else Council believes may be affected by the ending or amending of the Agreement.  This may include referral authorities (VicRoads, Melbourne Water etc), adjoining property owners/occupiers or other interested parties. 


Stage 3 

Council can’t make a decision until 14 days after giving notice and has to consider any objections or submissions in its decision.  Council may decide to: 

  • Amend or end the Agreement as requested. 
  • Amend or end the Agreement in a manner that is not substantially different to the proposal. 
  • Refuse to amend or end the Agreement. 


If the proposal to amend or end a Section 173 Agreement is supported, you will be issued with a letter of Council’s decision and Form 19 to take to the Land Titles Office to register.   

Any change to a Section 173 Agreement must be registered on the certificate of title to the land to which it applies. This ensures that all future land owners are aware of, and bound by, the requirements of the Section 173 Agreement.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the Agreement is registered at the Land Titles Office in a timely manner.  


Conditional Plans

Conditions of your planning permit may require you to submit plans, this is known as a Conditional Plan submission. To lodge, please complete the online form below. Contact the Building and Planning department if you have any difficulties by emailing

Request copy of permit/endorsed plans

You can request copies of endorsed plans and/or permits either in an electronic or hardcopy format.

Planning fees

If you would like to see the current fee schedule, please see Planning Fees.

Pay a Planning Infringement Notice

As the responsible authority, we are required by law to enforce the Whittlesea Planning Scheme.

We investigate reported breaches of the Whittlesea Planning Scheme, planning permit conditions, the Planning and Environment Act, and Section 173 agreements.

Enforcement will occur when there is a clear breach, especially if it causes detriment to the community.

We aim to obtain compliance rather than prosecute offenders, but punishment for some types of offences may be necessary as a deterrent.

Our compliance process includes:

  • verbal warning of a breach
  • letters confirming the breach and requesting action (escalating)

Pay a Planning Infringement Notice

If you have been served a Planning Infringement Notice, you can pay in the following ways:

Other ways to apply

If you have tried to lodge your application online and were not able to do so, please download and complete the relevant form below:

Planning permit application form

VicSmart planning application form

Submit the relevant documents:

  • in person at the Civic Centre and pay by cheque, cash, credit card or EFTPOS
  • email and complete a credit card form
  • via post to Locked Bag 1 Bundoora MDC 3083 and pay by cheque or complete a credit card form.

Looking for more information?

For more information about submitting a planning request with us, call 9217 2259 or email