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Resources for parents and carers

As a parent, you are frequently choosing activities, services or programs for your child. To be confident your child is welcome and safe when attending an activity or service, you need to think about a range of issues.


Consultation with Children - Feeling Safe

We understand that children have unique insights into their lives, their needs and the world around them. They have a right to be heard and have their concerns and ideas taken seriously, particularly on matters that affect them – including how to keep them safe.

We consulted with children on what makes them feel safe and what they can do if they feel unsafe. Watch the video below:


Being Safe

A guide for children


The eSafety website provides information and advice for kids and young people about how to keep safe online, what to do if something goes wrong and how to complain about online bullying or abuse.

eSafety have recently partnered with First Nations organisations to develop resources to help empower communities to stay safe and active online, and ensure mob's voices, music and stories continue to be heard. Learn more.

COVID-19 Children and Young People

The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) have developed a collection of trusted resources on COVID-19, including information on the physical effects on children, mental health care and advice around supporting your child cope through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resources have been created by experts from The Royal Children’s Hospital, trusted campus partners and other health organisations.

Along with webinars, fact sheets, information around COVID-19 vaccination for children, links to support services, there are some useful guides that have been developed specifically for children.

Guides such as;

  • A Child’s Guide: COVID-19
  • A Child’s Guide: Why is everyone wearing masks
  • A Child’s Guide: The COVID-19 Test