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Citizenship ceremonies

Citizenship ceremonies

We conduct citizenship ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, where people applying for citizenship make the Pledge before a presiding officer.

Please note that we host the ceremony on behalf of the Department of Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs and do not have involvement in the application and approval process.

We are unable to confirm if a person is on a list, please call the Department of Home Affairs on 131 880.

Applying to become an Australian citizen

To apply to become an Australian citizen you need to contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 880 or visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

The department will tell you if you are eligible to become an Australian citizen and how to apply.


Successful applicants must attend a citizenship ceremony as the final phase of being granted Australian citizenship.

Our Mayor hosts the citizenship ceremonies, which are also attended by key speakers representing Federal and State Parliament.

Once your application has been approved, The Department of Home Affairs will send you a letter of invitation with the date and location of the citizenship ceremony.

Identification requirements for candidates 16 years of age over attending a ceremony

A driver’s licence, passport or other official document which includes a photograph is preferred.

For candidates who do not have any form of photographic identification, at least three documents bearing their name, address and signature, for example, bank statements, credit cards or bills are required.

Candidates should be asked to bring their invitation letter to the ceremony to assist with identification.”

Upcoming citizenship ceremonies

Citizenship Ceremonies will be held at Plenty Ranges Arts & Convention Centre, 35 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang on the following dates:

  • Sunday 26 January (Australia Day) – 4.30pm
  • Monday 17 February – 3.30pm
  • Monday 30 March – 6.30pm
  • Monday 20 April – 11.30am
  • Monday 11 May – 6.30pm
  • Monday 1 June – 6.30pm
  • Monday 29 June – 6.30pm
  • Monday 27 July – 11.30am
  • Monday 24 August – 6.30pm
  • Monday 21 September – 6.30pm
  • Monday 26 October – 11.30am
  • Monday 16 November – 6.30pm
  • Monday 14 December – 6.30pm