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Community Development Grants

Community Development Grants

Our Community Development Grants Program provides funding to groups/organisations involved in projects that build people's skills and engage them within their local communities.

Applications for round two of the 2018/19 Community Development Grants Program have now closed. Applicants will be notified of their outcomes in December.

Applications for the 2019/20 program will open on Monday 25 February 2019.

Grants of up to $5000 are available to a broad range of groups including community groups, sporting clubs, self-help, cultural and recreational interest groups - provided they are not-for-profit and directly benefit residents of the City of Whittlesea.

Applications open twice a year. Successful applicants have 12 months to complete their projects.

Grant categories

Applications are required to nominate one of the following categories for their project:

Equity, Access and Inclusion

Projects that contribute to accessible and inclusive communities by:

  • allowing people to connect with the services they need
  • seeking to break down barriers to participation (eg. projects to support people with disabilities, gender equity or those who might be isolated and disadvantaged)

Families, Children and Young People

 Projects that support families through all of life's stages and that enhance the health, social connection and development of families, children and young people in community life.

Environment and Sustainable Living

Projects that educate and benefit the environment, engage the community in environmental sustainability and conservation, and use innovation to become more sustainable.

Health and Wellbeing

Projects and activities that promote healthy communities and encourage a sense of wellbeing and belonging across all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds:

  • projects that take a prevention approach to health issues
  • promote safe places where harm from violence, alcohol and drugs is addressed

Arts and Cultural Connections

Arts and cultural projects that:

  • encourage the development of community spirit
  • bring people together
  • promote cultural heritage and diversity
  • encourage community participation and involvement

Acquittal of all grants

Acquitting is a mandatory part of the Community Development Grant Process, and details to us how grant money was spent and outcomes of the project.

To be eligible for future funding from Council, groups/organisations need to ensure to acquit all previous grants.

Complete an acquittal form online via SmartyGrants (select 'My Submissions' to view any outstanding acquittals).

Preparing your Grant Project Budget

All Community Development Grant applicants are required to submit a detailed budget to support their application.

This details what you will use the grant funds for, the details of other funding and in-kind support that will contribute to your project and the cost of all items required for the project.

Download our Budget Help Sheet below to help you plan out your budget.