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Whittlesea Creative Communities Fund

Council is launching a new grants program, the Whittlesea Creative Communities Fund, that has been designed to provide funding for creative projects to directly respond to the impacts of Covid-19.

This grant is open to those working in our local creative sectors including artists, musicians, performers, producers, community artists, not-for-profit arts organisations and community/cultural groups to create and present work.

The City of Whittlesea understands that artists across the municipality are experiencing financial difficulty so these grants will provide funding of up to $2000. We also understand that artists are able to provide community connection and creativity to survive this period of crisis positively. The arts are a proven and effective vehicle known to strengthen community connection, emotional wellbeing and recovery.

Key dates

Round one

Applications open - Wednesday 20 May 2020

Applications close - Thursday 4 June 2020

Applicants notified of outcome – Mid-June 2020

Grant payment made – End-June 2020

Project completion - 30 December 2020

Round two

Applications open - Wednesday 1 July 2020

Applications close - Wednesday 15 July 2020

Applicants notified of outcome – End July 2020

Grant payment made – Early August 2020

Project completion - 30 December 2020


Grants guidelines

Please ensure you read the Whittlesea Creative Communities Fund guidelines for detailed information, including assessment criteria, conditions of grant and acquittal requirements. These guidelines have been amended since round one, so even if you have previously read them, please ensure you read them again prior to commencing your application.

Acquittal of all grants

Acquitting is a mandatory part of the Whittlesea Creative Communities Fund grants process, and details how grant money was spent and outcomes of the project.

To be eligible for future funding from Council, applicants need to ensure to acquit all previous grants.

Round one recipients

Gay Chatfield Whimsical Weaving
Mary-Lynn Griffith Uke Muster 2020 goes online!
Elizabeth Skitch The Harvest
Niruththa Tharmakulend Dance O Therapy and Dance O Rama
Carolyn Dunell We'll Meet Again
Teagan Crouch Creative Aid for Women and Children Experiencing Family Violence
Mahla Karimian One Hundred and One Nights in Isolation
John Doggett-Williams Edge of Development
Mark Kromodimoeljo The Hygieia Project
Ben Landau Dark Talk Time


For more information

For more information contact the Cultural Heritage Coordinator on 0419 520 501 or