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Cat and dog registration

Registering your dog or cat greatly improves their chances of being returned to you if they become lost. All dogs and cats must be registered with us from 3 months of age.

Register your pet

If your pet is not registered, register them online or download and submit a Pet Registration Form.

If you are transferring your animal registration from another Municipality within Victoria please provide a receipt as proof of payment with all relevant documentation in addition to the Animal Registration Form.

Renew your pet registration

Council sends an Animal Registration Renewal Notice each year when your pet registration is due for renewal. The fee must be paid by 9 April each year, regardless of when you have paid your initial registration fee.

If you do not receive a Registration Renewal Notice please contact Council via email for further information.

Update your animal registration details

Fill out the form below to update your animal registration details.

Registration fees

A range of registration fees apply depending on if you are eligible for reduced fees, or hold a pension card.

If you are registering your pet for the first time, we charge a pro-rata rate according to the time of year when you register.

All registrations are due for renewal on 9 April each year, and must be full year registrations.

To see the full list of current pet registration fees, download the Pet Registration Form.


Compulsory microchipping

State Government legislation requires that all pets being registered for the first time, or transferring from another council are microchipped before registration.

Registration tags

When you register your pet, you are given a numbered identification tag that your pet must wear at all times, and can be attached to its collar.

If your pet loses its identification marker, request a new one by calling us on 9217 2170 (fees may apply).

Owners of registered pets found without their tag face an on-the-spot fine or may face legal proceedings and have to pay a court imposed penalty.

Moving from another municipality

When you move into the City of Whittlesea, you must apply to register your pet with us by submitting an application form. If you provide a receipt as proof that your animal is currently registered with another Council in Victoria, there will be no fee for the transfer.

Please note: if your dog is not microchipped, your dog must be microchipped prior to submitting an application form.

Not renewing pet registration

Owners of unregistered pets face an on-the-spot fine, or may face legal proceedings and have to pay a court imposed penalty.

If your pet has passed away or you've moved outside of the City of Whittlesea, you must notify us to update your animal registration details.

Change of animal owner

If you take over ownership of a cat or dog that is already registered in the City of Whittlesea, complete and submit our Change of ownership form.

This will ensure you do not need to re-register your new pet.

Registration refunds

You may be entitled to a registration refund if your pet cat or dog has died or you have had to surrender it to the Epping Animal Welfare Facility.

  • You can receive a full refund if your pet has died or been surrendered by 30 June in the current registration year.
  • You can receive a 50% refund if your pet has died or been surrendered between 30 June and 10 October of the current registration year. Where the pet owner is an eligible pension card holder, a pro rata refund will be offered throughout the remainder of the registration year.

How to Apply:

All applications must be in writing either by letter or email to

Include your pet’s name, animal number or tag number and the address.

If your pet has passed away please attach a copy of a vet report or a statutory declaration confirming the date of death.

If your animal was surrendered to the Epping Animal Welfare Facility please attach a copy of the release form.

Once the application is received it may take up to 3 weeks to receive a refund cheque.