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Domestic Animal Business Permit

The following types of business must be registered with us and hold a valid Domestic Animal Business Permit to operate in the City of Whittlesea.

These businesses include:

  • pet shops
  • boarding kennels for cats or dogs
  • breeding and rearing premises for cats or dogs
  • dog training businesses
  • animal shelters

Selling dogs and cats

If you have 3 or more fertile female cats or dogs, by law you are considered to be breeding domestic animals as a business, and must hold a domestic animal business permit, or you may be fined.

Find out more about Selling dogs and cats.

Permit conditions

These businesses must comply with the Domestic Animals Act and the requirements of the relevant State Codes of Practice. For further information, visit the Department of Primary Industries' website.

You will also receive at least 1 'un-announced' inspection each year to ensure ongoing compliance with the regulations.

If you fail to fully comply with the conditions in the permit, we may withdraw or cancel your existing permit, or refuse to issue a future permit.

Renewing your permit

You will be sent your registration renewal for a Domestic Animal Business permit each year. You can renew your permit in the following ways:

  • by mail to:
    City of Whittlesea
    Locked Bag 1
    Bundoora MDC VIC 3083
  • in person at our offices


The cost of registration is $283 including GST (fee subject to change annually).

Preparing your application

Follow these steps to prepare your application for a permit:

Get written approval from our Planning Services Department that the intended use of the property complies with the planning/zoning arrangements.

  1. Download the permit application form
  2. Arrange public liability insurance of at least $10 million

Applying for a permit

You can lodge your application in person or by mail.

You must include the following in your application:

  • a completed and signed permit application form
  • a signed copy of the relevant Code of Practice
  • a photocopy of Planning Services’ written approval
  • a clear copy of the current public liability policy
  • the $283 annual permit fee - we accept cheque, cash, credit card or EFTPOS, but mailed applications can only be paid by cheque or credit card

To apply in person, bring the above items to our Local Laws counter at the Civic Centre.

Alternatively, you can mail your application and payment details to:

City of Whittlesea
Locked Bag 1
Bundoora MDC VIC 3083

Application approval process

You will be mailed a confirmation receipt of your application within 7 days of lodgement.

The property will be inspected by an Authorised Officer before the issue of the Domestic Animal Business Permit, to ensure accuracy of the self-assessment report and check compliance with relevant regulations.

Further information

For more information about domestic animal business legislation, visit the Department of Primary Industries website.

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