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Retail development


Leasing premises

If you've decided to lease rather than buy your premises, you can access useful information from the Office of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner (VSBC). The VSBC helps both tenants and landlords, and produces a downloadable information brochure and answers to frequently asked questions about retail leasing.

Developing your retail business

Information, training and development

Two retail industry bodies – the Australian Retailers Association and National Retailers Association - provide a range of services including membership, retail education, training and consulting to the Australian retail sector. These bodies represent thousands of Australian retail, fast food and service businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit the Australian Retailers Association website or National Retailers Association website.

Traders Associations

We can help individual retailers work as a team to fund effective marketing campaigns through Traders Associations.

Three successful Special Rate Schemes have produced measurable results for ThomastownBundoora Square and Lalor Shopping Centre, co-ordinated through Traders Associations.

Collective marketing, advertising and management produced higher quality campaigns and complimentary themes. Enhancements to these retail centres heightened the identity and image of individual retailers and the complexes as a whole, while regular meetings increased communication between retailers and fostered a sense of community. Together they work to improve the business mix and infrastructure of the centres, leading to fewer vacancies and a vibrant atmosphere.