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Buying or selling a health or accommodation business

You must complete a transfer of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration when you buy or sell a health and wellbeing business.

Before you buy an existing health business, we strongly recommend you get an up-to-date Public Health and Wellbeing Act transfer inspection done so you know exactly what you are buying.

Public Health and Wellbeing Act transfer inspection process

Complete the following steps to request a transfer inspection.

Note: We cannot release any information to you without the current owner's consent.

  1. Download the consent form below and get the current owner to sign it. Attach the completed consent form to your online application.
  2. Complete the online request a transfer inspect and consent form and pay via the link below.
  3. Transfer inspection fees:
    • $199 - standard process time (10 working days)
    •  $270.50- express process time (4 working days)
  4. We will organise the inspection and send you (or your solicitor) a copy of the transfer inspection.
  5. You should talk to your solicitor and agree who will be responsible for lodging the transfer of registration form just before you take over the business.

Transfer of registration

Once you've completed the transfer inspection items, you must complete and sign a business registration transfer form.

You should then:

  • Lodge this form with our Health Services department
  • Pay the registration transfer fee:
    • Health business - $111
    • Accommodation business - $199

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