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Starting a public health or accommodation business

Business must be registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.


The following types of local businesses must be registered with us, under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008:

  • Hairdressers, beauty parlours, tattooists, body piercers and colonic irrigation
  • Hotels, motels, rooming houses, bed and breakfasts and hostels

Preparing for Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration

Follow these steps to prepare your premises for health or accommodation business (premises) registration:

  1. Check with our Planning Services and Building Services departments by phoning 9217 2170 to check if any permits are required. You must obtain these permits before applying for registration with Health Services.
  2. Before setting up a new premises or refurbishing an existing one, contact our Health Services department to discuss your proposal. We highly recommend that you submit plans of the proposed works to ensure compliance.  For more information, see Plans approval service. Note: Accommodation premises must submit plans before proceeding to registration.

Plans approval service

You must complete the following requirements when providing us with plans for a new health business:

  • Complete the relevant online application form below.
  • Attach one copy of the floor plan of the business. All plans must include specifications and details of surfaces, fittings and equipment, according to our premises development guides. Download the relevant guide below.
  • Pay the relevant plans approval fee (Note: this fee does not cover the Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration):
    • Health premises - $212
    • Accommodation premises - $333

We will process your application within 14 days of receiving complete plans and specifications.

We will then send you back:

  • 1 copy of the approved plan
  • A letter with conditions
  • Contact details of the responsible EHO

We advise you not to begin any major work on setting up the new public health and wellbeing premises until you receive the approved plan.

Health premises inspections and registration

Our Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will conduct progress inspections during the construction of your public health and wellbeing business or premises to ensure it complies with the approved plans and specifications.

Before opening the public health and wellbeing business or premises, our EHO will complete a final inspection. If the business or premises meets the standards, you can apply for registration with us.

Application forms can be obtained from the EHO at the final inspection.

Registration fees

  • Health premises -  $325
  • Prescribed accommodation -  $397

Renew your Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration

All registered public health and accommodation businesses or premises must renew their Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration each year. We mail out renewal invoices in mid-November.

The business owner must inform us if details have changed in the last 12 months. Once your renewal payment has been processed, the business will be issued with a certificate for the next year's registration.

Visit the Renew your food or public health business registration page for more information.


Renewal fees

  • Health premises $ 223
  • Prescribed accommodation  $397

Further information

For health guidelines for the personal care and body art industries, visit the Department of Health website.

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