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Our role in emergency preparation and planning

Our role in emergency preparation and planning

Councils play an important role in preparing for and recovering from emergencies, from reducing the level of risk that residents face to enabling social connection and resilience.

Much of our everyday work helps to make Whittlesea a safer place to live.

During and immediately after an event, we may:

  • deliver warnings to the community, in cooperation with other agencies
  • provide and operate Emergency Relief Centres and shelter
  • clear blocked drains and roads, including tree removal
  • support partial or full road closures, and provide alternative routes to get around the affected area
  • organise and share information to the affected community
  • provide and/or coordinate personal support services
  • remove debris and hazards
  • repair and restore infrastructure including roads, bridges, sporting facilities and public amenities
  • organise, manage or assist with public appeals
  • manage and distribute donated goods
  • recruit, train and manage volunteers

Longer-term recovery

After an emergency, we help affected people and groups to recover as quickly as possible in a number of ways including:

  • coordinating local resources
  • supporting emergency relief/information centres
  • gathering and processing information on the amount of damage and loss caused in the community
  • inspecting damaged houses and deciding what is needed to allow people to move back to their homes
  • ensuring that food, water and sanitation arrangements are adequate
  • monitoring the progress of recovery
  • advising recovery agencies and the State Government
  • representing the interests of the affected community with government agencies
  • supervising and inspecting rebuilding and redevelopment
  • supporting community recovery committees
  • supporting community-led decision-making about recovery
  • recruiting and coordinating volunteer helpers

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Download a copy of our Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP), which outlines our responsibilities in the prevention of, response to, and the recovery from emergencies in the City of Whittlesea.