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Emergency Management Plan

The Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) includes strategies to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from emergencies, which may occur in or near the City of Whittlesea and impact on residents and infrastructure.

Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

The MEMPC has broad responsibilities for ensuring all hazards are considered and planned for in relation to risk and emergency management within the Municipality.

The key roles for the MEMPC are risk assessment and development and maintenance of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) and sub plans.

Every municipality is required to develop and maintain a Municipal Emergency Management Plan. The Whittlesea Municipal Emergency Management Plan was developed by our Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC). Members of the MEMPC include representatives from organisations such as Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, Fire Rescue Victoria, Country Fire Authority, Victoria State Emergency Service, Australian Red Cross, VCC Emergencies Ministries, Parks Victoria, Northern Health, Department of Health and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing and Community Organisations.

An element of the plan is the Community Emergency Risk Assessment (CERA), which aims to identify, mitigate and reduce risk within the community.

The CERA process developed by the VicSES has identified the following 8 emergency risks within the City of Whittlesea:

  • Heat Health
  • Flood, Storm, Extreme Weather
  • Fire - Natural Environment
  • Transport Incident - all
  • Fire - Structural
  • Human Epidemic / Pandemic
  • Service Disruption - Utilities > 12 hrs
  • Gas Main Rupture / Explosion 

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