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Our role in an emergency

Councils play an important role in preparing for and recovering from emergencies, from reducing the level of risk that residents face to enabling social connection and resilience.

To prevent and prepare for emergencies we:

  • Prepare and maintain a Municipal Emergency Management Plan in conjunction with local emergency services
  • Implement and enforce relevant local government legislation (e.g. planning, fire, health and building)
  • Provide education and support in order to improve community resilience
  • Collaborate with other Councils in the North and West Metro region to improve our capacity and capability to respond to an emergency
  • Identify and assess hazards, and undertake appropriate preventative measures
  • Prepare a Municipal Fire Management Plan.

During an emergency we:

  • Have a 24/7 capability in place to coordinate necessary agencies and resources to support response and relief needs during a non-major emergency
  • If required, activate a Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre to coordinate response agency support, relief and recovery activities
  • If required, open an Emergency Relief Centre for displaced residents to provide relief and/or recovery
  • Assist with the distribution of emergency warnings and information through our Facebook page
  • Assess the impact on the community, and provide support for activities such as hazardous tree removal, waste removal, animal welfare and personal support
  • Support and empower the affected community in its long-term recovery.

Use links in preparing for emergencies:

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