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Parking and safety around schools

Parking rules exist around schools to keep children and parents safe.

What can you do to stay safe?

  • Supervise your children in or near traffic
  • Walk or cycle to school with your child
  • Respect all road rules, parking signs and instructions from authorities
  • Wait on the same side of the street as your child
  • Always let your child out of the kerb side of the car.


Parking/stopping signs

No stopping areas must be kept clear If times/days are specified, restrictions are only applicable to the the specified times/days. You cannot park in a P3 minute area for longer than three minutes.

 Image shows different parking restrictions including no standing and 3 minute

Within 10 metres of an intersection

A driver must not stop with any part of their vehicle within 10 metres of an intersection unless signed otherwise.

illustration depicting cars parked 10 metres away from an intersection

Allow 3 metre gap

At least 3 metres must be left between your vehicle and the centre diving line to allow other vehicles to pass safely and not obstruct traffic.

image depicts cars parked 3 metres away from line


Look out for the reduced speed limit around schools and slow down to improve safety.

school zone 40 speed sign

School crossings

  • Look out for flags and crossing supervisors
  • You must stop for anyone waiting to cross or who has started crossing
  • Please remain stopped until the crossing is clear.

No parking on nature strips/footpaths

Parking is illegal on nature strips and footpaths.

image depicts cars parking correctly and incorrectly

Yellow edge line

A driver must not stop on the side of the road marked with a yellow edge line.

image depicts cars parking correctly and incorrectly near a yellow line

Double parking

It is illegal to double park at any time. This affects the flow of traffic.

image depicts car double parking illegally.

Stopping across driveways

It is illegal to stop/park across a driveway unless you stay in the car and are there for no more than two minutes. You must move immediately if required to do so to allow entry or exit by the owner/occupier.

image depicts car illegally stopping across a driveway