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Parking long and heavy vehicles

The Victorian road rules state that you cannot park a heavy or long vehicle in a built-up area (residential or industrial) for more than an hour at a time, unless there is a sign permitting it.

A heavy vehicle is any vehicle over 4.5 tonne GVM and a long vehicle is 7.5m or more. This includes caravans, boats, boat trailers and the like.

Parking a heavy or long vehicle on the road can obstruct the view for other drivers and create a hazard for motorists and pedestrians. It can also cause damage to a road that is not designed for heavy vehicles.

We receive lots of calls about illegally parked heavy or long vehicles so inspect different areas of the City of Whittlesea a rotating basis to ensure we attend to as many complaints as possible. While it is not always possible to attend to complaints at the time of the initial offence, we will still visit the location to assess if the vehicle is parking illegally.

Any fines for illegal parking are sent to the vehicle's registered owner. Further fines will be issued if the vehicle continues to park illegally.

You can report illegal parking online. To assist our investigation, please provide as much detail as possible including registration, colour, location, days of the week it is normally there, time in the morning or evening.