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Bin collections

Bin collections

We provide all households with one 120 litre dark green garbage bin, which is collected once a week from your property’s kerbside. We also provide you with 1 x 240 litre recycling bin, which is emptied fortnightly on the same day as your garbage bin.

Your collection day

To find out your garbage collection day download our waste calendar.

What happens if my bin is missed or only half emptied?

If your bin hasn't been emptied, you can report it to us by calling
9217 2170 or reporting online:

Public holiday bin collections

Bins get collected as normal on public holidays that fall on business days except for the following public holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • ANZAC Day
  • Christmas Day

If these public holidays fall on a business day bins will be collected a day later and collections may run one day behind schedule for the rest of that week.

Bin guidelines and tips

To make sure your bin gets emptied:

  • Bag your garbage before putting it in the garbage bin.
  • Do not put anything in a bin that prevents you closing the lid or overfill your garbage bin as this will cause litter on your street. Find out ways to reduce your waste.
  • Your bin must not weigh more than 50kg when collected.
  • Place your bin (with the lid closed) on your nature strip near your driveway, with the wheels facing away from the kerb.
  • Avoid putting your bin behind a parked car or too close to overhanging trees/branches.
  • Put your bin out after 4pm the day before collection or before 6am on collection day.
  • Remove your bin from the kerb the same day after it is emptied.
  • If you live in a flat/unit, take your bins to the nature strip and place them 1m apart.
  • If you live in a court, do not place your bin in the ‘court bowl’ of the street.
  • Put your recycling bin and garbage bin at least half a metre apart on your nature strip for collection.
  • Place empty recyclable items loosely in your recycling bin and do not place recycling in plastic bags.

 Note: Bins that are incorrectly placed pose a safety risk and will not be emptied.

You are allowed to:

  • mark any supplied garbage/recycling bin with your property number, as long as the number is less than 15cm high and wide
  • remark the number as often as necessary to keep it clearly visible.

What to put in your garbage bin

Acceptable items

You can put the following items in your garbage bin:

  • food/cling wrap, plastic bags and bubble wrap (or you can recycle these at any Coles supermarket, as long as they are clean)
  • nappies (wrapped) and tissues
  • waxed cardboard and food soiled cardboard
  • bones and meats
  • polystyrene trays and cups
  • window glass and mirrors (wrapped)
  • ceramic cookware
  • incandescent light globes (recycle fluorescent light globes)
  • large plant pots (some plant nurseries accept these back for reuse)
  • tissues, shredded paper, paper towel and takeaway coffee cups

These items can be put in the garbage bin - meat and bones, polystyrene containers and cups, general waste, tissues, nappies tied in bags, light globes, ceramics and glass waste.

Unacceptable items

You should not put the following items in your garbage bin:

  • hot ash
  • syringes
  • oil, paint, chemical or liquid waste
  • soil, rocks or bricks
  • recyclable items
  • garden waste
  • fluorescent light globes
  • hazardous items, such as gas bottles or batteries

Find out how to dispose of different household items.

These items cannot be put in the garbage bin - recyclables, fluorescent light globes, syringes, garden waste, gas bottles, household and car batteries, liquids including oil, paint, chemical and liquid waste.

What to put in your recycling bin

Acceptable items

You can put the following empty items in your recycling bin:

  • cans (aluminium and steel) and tins
  • foil (scrunched into a ball)
  • hard plastic bottles and containers (including Tupperware)
  • glass bottles and jars including medicine bottles (with lids removed)
  • milk and juice bottles and cartons including tetra packs
  • paper and cardboard

These items can be put in the recycling bin - plastic bottles & containers, glass bottles & jars, aluminium & steel, cadboard & paper and cartons.

Recyclable items are initially hand-sorted by staff at the recycling facility and sharp objects pose a safety hazard.

Not sure if it's recyclable, contact Council.

Unacceptable items

You should not put the following items in your recycling bin as they cannot be recycled through this service:

  • soft plastics such as bags, bubble wrap, and food/cling wrap
  • paper towel, shredded paper and takeaway coffee cups
  • polystyrene foam packaging and trays
  • glass waste and ceramics including crockery (plates, bowls and cups), drinking glasses, Pyrex glass, ovenware, window glass, mirrors and light bulbs
  • garden waste
  • general waste and chemicals including nappies and tissues
  • household goods and furniture
  • electronics (computers, TVs, mobile phones) and batteries
  • scrap metal
  • car batteries and gas cylinders

These items cannot be put in the recycling bin - no plastic bags, no recycling in plastic bags.

Unacceptable items can damage the material sorting facility's machinery, increasing the processing cost and your rates.